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The Front End Bootcamp

A part time frontend development course, covering everything you need to become a modern frontend developer. Included is our special ‘EmpowHerment Days’ which aim to inspire and empower the learners.

Please Note: This is a fully remote course to accommodate all students needs.

This Front End course will cover the following:

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Gives the learner an understanding of using source control and sending simple commands directly to the computer. The learner will also get a solid introduction to coding and Python.

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The learner will learn about using HTML and CSS to structure and style web pages. Along with an intense and in-depth JavaScript to learn more about coding and make their websites interactive.

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Alongside the course, the learner will be able to attend Empowerment Days, where they will meet and learn from black women in different tech roles. They will be inspired whilst learning new skills.

Are you ready to make your mark on the tech industry?

This programme is for women who have an interest in getting into a tech career and the bootcamp will empower individuals from the UK with the skills and knowledge to become web application developers. The course will be a part time coding bootcamp. It will run twice a week in the evening for 16 weeks between 6pm and 9pm. This will be an intense course, and learners will be required to do homework to ensure that they are getting the most from the course.

After the 16 week programme we will provide support in helping you secure jobs following the training with our partner employers.

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